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Yoor. COACH will display details like a recipe – in your native language from your region, reminders – for exercise, nutritional info from a picture of your meal plus it’s tracked, and much more.

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Meal Tracking
Ditch the guesswork, and upgrade your nutrition. Track your meals, uncover nutritional trends, and get personalized meal suggestions powered by Yoor. COACH

Transform your fitness workouts. Get custom exercise plans tailored to your health level and goals. Track progress, analyze, and modifies your plan for optimal results.

Your goal-achieving sidekick. Set targets, track progress, and links your past successes to boost confidence. Offers gentle challenges to negative thought patterns

Recipe Suggestions
Global flavors, personalized for you. Suggests unique recipes based on preferences and region recipes in your language, customized to
your dietary preferences.

Easily track what you eat by snapping a picture of it, the image is analyzed for calories and nutritional content and unlocks detailed nutrient breakdowns instantly so you can get in-depth insights.

Snap a pic of what’s in your refrigerator, the image is analyzed and unlocks its meal potential by getting instant healthy meal suggestions tailored to the ingredients you have.

Medication Reminders
Ensure you take your medications on time. Notifies you to stay organized and adhere to your treatment plan. Medication information, type, shape, and color.

Proactive Engagement
Yoor. Coach from noticing changes reaches out to you proactively. Making for a great user experience, helping to keep you on track.

Connect to Google Fit and Apple Health. Connect to blood glucose monitors, smart scales, smart blood pressure monitors, and other devices.

NutriLens analyzes a meal image, you receive precise carbohydrate breakdowns and it connects to your monitor getting tailored dosage guidance.

Suggests mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve mental well-being. Encourage mindful eating and sleep habits to optimize your overall health.

High Blood Pressure
Manage blood pressure, tracking, analyzing data, reminders to take your medication, science-backed nutrition guidance, and stress-reducing techniques.

Just losing weight can improve health in many ways!

Losing even a small amount of weight can have significant health benefits. Weight loss can lower your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. It can also help improve your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, sleep quality, and improve self-esteem.

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